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MGS Collab disk 02 is out......FINALLY

2008-09-19 20:40:22 by M1KES

Well the 2nd part of the collab is out, and this is just a heads up to be on a lookout for my submition in there (grey fox with batteries), and another submition i collabarated with xxsammysxx (baby snake crawling around).
Seeying as i wasnt co-authored (not an easy task among 50+ artists), i'll probably submit 'em later on to the portal.
Anyway.. i wanna congratulate everyone who made it in the collab, there were some amazing parts and hope to see more of these massive collabs around here.

PS: For those that are interested... yes, i am still hard at work on the game i'm developing.


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2008-09-20 20:23:42

Yo i was suprized to see you in the collab man. I love your part. It's one of my favorites. And also the drawings and the plot is just fucking awesome bro.

M1KES responds:

Thanx.. it wasnt one of the best.. but i wanted to do something.. Thats what i came up with!


2008-09-21 07:53:19

God damn.. Your entry was really fucking well detailed! :O

M1KES responds:

Thanx... it took a while to do all the shading... thats why there wasnt much animation in there...


2008-09-21 21:59:48

where u acting as snake or took the voice of david who plays as snake

M1KES responds:

I wish i could do such an awsome snake impression! They are the original voiceclips taken from the game.


2008-09-27 19:26:29

sucks, you got a xbox360? cause i play halo on it

btw, my steam account has been banned, my bro hacks on cs and got me banned


2009-04-23 08:46:59